Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rodney Shelton Fulgham Faces Boliver County Justice Court Judge for Charge of Vehicular Homicide in the Death of Shelby Dawson Harmon

Rodney Shelton Fulgham, 23, of Boliver County, Ms. was taken into custody October 29th and charged with Felony Vehicular Homicide in the October 20th domestic violence related, hit and run death on US 61 near the Boyle Community, of Shelby Dawson Harmon, 20, of Cleveland.

Inmate: Rodney Shelton Fulgham - Boliver County Regional Correctional Facility

Fulgham, which had addresses listed in both Cleveland and Shaw, was escorted from the Bolivar County Regional Correctional Facility to the Bolivar County Justice Court and appeared before Honorable Judge Harold Ward Sr. on October 30th.

Fulgham, confined with handcuffs and leg irons, and head down, stood before Judge Ward Sr. as he was told, "It is my understanding that you are currently out on a previous felony bond for burglary,". Ward went on to say, "Since that is the case, you are remanded to custody with no bail.".

Angie Harmon, mother of the victim, posted a comment on the Facebook page created for her daughter, which has gone viral, Justice for Shelby. Mrs. Harmon stated, "Good morning ALL! Thank you for all the support and prayers! I sat in the courtroom this morning as calmly watched as this pitiful soul was escorted in and informed of his charge: Vehicular Homicide. He never looked at me as I sat at stared at him, as he walked up to face the judge. He hung his head in shame and never looked my way. All I could think was he changed so many lives forever for the choice He made on October 20, 2012. He took my Shelby's life and ruined his own. Its really really sad! No one wins! And to know he did this to the one person who truly loved him. My heart goes out to his family. I know my daughter is in a magnificent place, but if convicted, he will go to one of the worst places known.".

Agents with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, and the Mississippi Highway Patrol have been processing evidence at the State Crime Lab and conducting an ongoing investigation since first being contacted by the Bolivar County Sheriff's Department upon their arrival to the crime scene. The deputies were dispatched by Boliver County 911 after a call at approximately 6:10 a.m. came in by a female motorist traveling on US 61 reported that she had hit something in the highway and she thought it was a body. It has also been reported that a second 911 call came in shortly after the first by another motorist that stated nearly the same thing.

Following these two calls to 911 and the deputies being dispatched, it was reported that Fulgham, the victims boyfriend, also called 911 and reported an accident but had already driven away from the scene.

The crime scene revealed the shocking and horrific aftermath of what was discovered to be the mutilated, lifeless body of Shelby Harmon. It appeared that Harmon had been run over by two traveling motorist after being first struck by the truck being driven by her boyfriend, Rodney Shelton Fulgham, and her body propelled into oncoming traffic.

It was reported that this incident occurred in the early morning hours following an argument between Fulgham and Harmon which turned violent. Though details are sketchy and actual reports vary, this case of physical domestic violence turned deadly after Harmon broke off the relationship with Fulgham and attempted to leave the residence which they shared.

Fulgham, who at the time, was out of jail on a bond for Felony Burglary, and awaiting trial, was taken into custody for questioning but later released. His release sparked a fire that quickly turned into a raging inferno throughout the community and then spread nation wide after social media was used to spread the details surrounding he death of Shelby. Demands of justice immediately began pouring in from all over the world.

On Monday, just prior to the arrest of Fulgham, Angie Harmon posted on Facebook, "This is my daughter. She is loved by many and now being supported by thousands. I ask for your continued support. Keep making noise. Keep calling. Keep telling everyone who will listen that you want justice for Shelby .Keep your voices loud so hers can be heard.".

Photo posted on "Justice for Shelby" of Shelby by Angie Harmon

Thousands of people from all corners of the globe did just that! Let it not ever be said that precious Shelby will not be remembered nor that domestic violence will be tolerated...

Just this morning, a post on Justice for Shelby read, "Out of something so viscous, devastating and heartbreaking came something beautiful... A whole world united FOR JUSTICE FOR SHELBY! And we find out that there are so many caring people in the world... Nikki".

In Memory of Shelby Dawson Harmon

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