Monday, December 16, 2013

Mayor Jason Shelton Makes Guest Appearance At WJSBC, "Joy of Christmas 2013", Tupelo, Mississippi

Mayor Jason Shelton (@jasonfortupelo), Tupelo, Mississippi, dedicated his time to the production of "Joy of Christmas 2013", put on by West Jackson Street Baptist Church (@wjsbctupelo), by playing the 'part' of Mayor and was interviewed by Allie Martin with WCBI news concerning a sign that was found posted in downtown Fairpark that read, "The KING is coming to town, tonight!".

This awesome Christmas production was put on by WJSBC under the guidance and direction of Pastor Keith Cochran, Minister of Worship Steven McMorris, the WJSBC Choir, The Tupelo Unity Choir, WJSBC Kids JAM Choir, and over 200 dedicated volunteers and staff.

This incredible Christmas musical was used as a way to praise and worship God while celebrating the birth of Jesus.

At the conclusion of the production, Keith Cochran, Pastor, said that, "...there are three symbols that Christians hold in high regard... the manger, the cross, and the tomb.", "...the one thing that each of these have in common is that they are all empty!".

Mayor Jason Shelton also made a personal guest appearance at West Jackson Street Baptist Church on Sunday to watch the finished production 'live'.

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